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Allure Au is a new Melbourne-based luxury lingerie boutique known for its uncompromising luxury and empowering design, carefully curated lingerie pieces made to make you feel powerful and mysteriously attractive. With the philosophy to cultivate simplicity through design and the intent to create luxury pieces that maintain their quality and relevance.

Our goal was to create all of the touch-points of the consumer experience, exploring how your brand looks, sounds, and its products across digital and print. We worked on creating a strategic and thought-out identity that resonated with potential customers and turned them into loyal clients.

Our challenge was to create a timeless identity that is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. We worked with the Founder to design a carefully curated identity that felt empowering, mysterious, and attractive yet refined.

We began by creating a clear strategy for Allure Au and their brand messaging, understanding the underlying value proposition they wanted to convey, and the language used across digital and print platforms. Our main challenge was to establish the clear benefits of Allure Au to make sure they remain relevant, keep the attention of their customers, and also seek to become important in their lives. We worked on this through both brand message and identity.

Allure Au

Allure Au aims to express the current day market of lingerie using well-known materials but with a new twist. They supply high-quality, elegant, and everyday women's lingerie and are not interested in creating products that promote short-lived trends or fast fashion, consciously designing each product to be timeless in both design and durability.

We chose a rich burgundy is offset with monochrome shades of blacks and creams to create an understated luxury. Paired with the art deco take on the classic Roman letterforms typeface, Goldenbook, offset with the new boldly discovering mid-20th century American calligraphy of Grandslang.

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Timeless design through durability and distinction.






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