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Our home is London, but our clients are found worldwide – from Abu Dhabi to Zurich, Montreal to Melbourne, and Los Angeles to St Tropez.

Our clients, whether they have a concept to bring to market or are looking to redefine themselves in a digital world, all have one thing in common: their purpose's purity and desire for growth.



We weave our clients' stories and seek the values that will forever define them, keeping them firmly rooted in the minds and hearts of their customers.

With creativity at the heart of everything we do, we value the power of collaboration and believe that nothing is possible without one another. Our collective of strategists, designers, photographers, artists and developers work as an extension of our client's team to build authentic experiences responding to their desires.

Leveraging our trusted London network, we bring together exceptional talent to create a powerful force that provides our clients with knowledge, expertise and insight setting them up for success in international luxury markets.

Our Case Studies further showcase our clients' stories. 

HYD Studio’s unique founding value of combining big agency insights with a boutique studio approach delivers an established but intimate service to our clients. 

We invest in the individual behind the brand and build a connection with our clients. This allows HYD Studio to seek out their forever values and weave them into the very fabric of their brand’s narrative.


OUR CLIENTS          


Working with HYD Studio was amazing because Thea and her team understood exactly what we needed and where we wanted to be and was expertly able to interpret our ideas and bring it to life. She went above and beyond to accommodate our asks and delivered. The feedback since our rebrand has been immense, it honestly has been a game-changer for us.


OUR FOUNDER         


Founded by award-winning designer Thea Hyde, HYD Studio was born out of Thea’s background of working with discerning brands within the luxury space. Thea’s first-hand experience at luxury fashion houses and consultancies separates HYD as a creative partner. Understanding the refined preferences of the discerning consumer; quality craftsmanship, preserver of provenance and cultural importance has shaped her distinctive approach and offers an exclusive advantage for our clients.

Creativity has always been at the centre of everything Thea does. Fueled by her passion for art and design, her remarkable attention to detail, and her sensibility for luxury.


Thea firmly believes in the power of exceptional design to evoke emotions and inspire boundless creativity, ultimately leading to brands that are ahead of their time. Her unique approach shines through in every creation.

HYD Studio was founded on the belief that design is everywhere and in everything. It impacts every memory, every thought and every feeling; it's an emotion that connects us all together.


We build brands that stir something within; we go further by creating a moment of meaningful human connection and a feeling that evokes emotion that transcends words.

HYD Studio’s mission is to craft the luxury brands that will define tomorrow, go beyond products and instil a state of mind. Our vision is to create visionary brands that inspire an entire industry, drive positive impact, evoke emotion and provoke desire.


Brand Strategy for Jendaya


Art Direction
Brand Belief, Purpose & Values
Brand Architecture & Positioning
CSR Development
Distribution Strategy


Visual Identity
Name & Voice

Brand Book
Brand Campaigns

Luxury Website Design


Website, Mobile & App Design

Insights & Analytics
Digital Content & Implementation

Instagram & Tiktok Campaigns

UX/UI Design


Packaging & Product Design
Print Production & Collateral
Product Launch & Rollout
Events & In Store Activation
PR & Brand Partnerships


Illustration Design
Seasonal Print Campaign
Pattern Design
Store Window Artwork


Fashion & Beauty Campaigns

Product Pack-shot / E-Commerce

Fashion Lookbook

Texture / Swatch Photography

Team Sourcing & Casting 

Location Scouting & Studio Hire

Set Design

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