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Major Global Events And Two Years In Business; A Review

The past two years have seen major, global events that have overhauled the way in which luxury brands operate and communicate. Not only have the events caused huge shifts in consumer patterns which brands have needed to respond to, but they’ve also re-defined and had an irreversible impact on brand and consumer relationships. Understanding these relationships was the cornerstone of why HYD Studio was founded in 2020.

Major Global Events And Two Years In Business; A Review

After a time of stillness and reflection during lockdowns, where people inwardly took stock of what was important to them, sustainability and social justice have emerged as two big winners. Consumers want to know what the environmental and social impacts of their products are. Many luxury brands use their profiles to boast positive environmental and social impacts - they want to communicate they care about the same issues that their consumers do - which isn’t surprising when 80% of consumers prioritise buying from brands that support environmental issues, reported PwC.

Brands that communicate the same ideals to the consumers are the brands that cut through the noise and resonate with the consumer. As these trends developed, so did our own Studio, in numbers and services. Brand identity - dissecting our clients' DNA through branding, e-commerce and websites to print and packaging collateral - has been integral in our offering. Our team of specialist designers and illustrators curated a clear and strategic brand identity for Jendaya, a start-up we recently worked with, which allowed them to receive funding and launch into new markets in the US, as they now clearly conveyed a transparent message to both their consumers and investors.

Since HYD Studio started, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a range of businesses across the world, with clients in London, New York, Melbourne and LA, to mention a few. Each client is different but what remains constant is the passion for the cause they are driving forward. They are impact-focused and committed; it’s what drives them to get out of bed every morning and what occupies their minds in the quiet times. Consumer trends are continuing to respond to brands who want to leave a positive impact.

Take GANNI, a brand that has gone through 4 years of exponential growth, but is also applying for a B-corp certificate - a certification process that ranks environmental and social impacts. We’re entering into an age where it’s fashionable to care and consumers are fuelling that. HYD Studio welcomes this age as we continue to partner with impact-focused clients honing their message through a clear brand identity and strategy; whether that is shown through web development and design, content creation, email campaigns or e-commerce.




Driven by our values, HYD Studio has tripled in size which has allowed us to put more time back into the strategy and processes for our clients. By analysing market trends and consumer behaviours to stay ahead of culturally relevant movements, we constantly elevate our clients further through their own distinct brands and design.

It’s been such an exciting time at The Studio over the past two years. Specifically, the last few months have seen the Creative Director, web developers, strategists, designers and our amazing management create a rebrand for HYD Studio - one that showcases exactly who we have become and what we have achieved since our initial launch. Reflecting on our two years so far; we maintain that the values we gained during Covid - timeless quality, transparent communications, and sustainable and honest practices - will continue to identify successful brands, and we hope our own re-brand demonstrates this.

We set out with the mission to help brands navigate these new digital social orders by creating digital identities whilst always staying true to our values - timeless quality, transparent communications, and sustainable and honest practices.

Covid-19 turned the luxury world on its head. Brands could no longer rely purely on the design of a beautifully curated showroom; it thrust a face-to-face industry online, and brands had to respond.

The Studio’s expertise pre-dates Covid, with our backgrounds centred around lifestyle boutiques and fashion houses as well as fast-moving start-ups. We saw the problem these brands were facing in real time and pivoted a previous business model from a print studio into a digital design agency to guide brands in building their online presence.

Overnight, brands lost the ability to communicate in person when communication was paramount. To continue their relationships with consumers as well as grow into new markets, brands needed a fully fledged, distinguishable online presence; a single website would no longer suffice. This idea breathed air into the lungs of HYD Studio as we began to develop bespoke branding, strategy, UX and UI experiences, website design and social media content campaigns, email campaigns and messages for clients; digital communications and designs that resonated with the consumer as this was now the digital bread and butter for brands.

Quality has always been evident in luxury brands, as has the demand for quality. As reported by Bain, Europe’s luxury goods market is projected to recover to pre-covid levels one year before expert’s predictions, in spite of the Russia/Ukraine conflict and a looming energy crisis, which is why timeless quality has always been a constant in HYD Studio’s work. But Covid-19 brought another consumer demand to the forefront: the importance of open and honest communication between businesses and consumers, which, in turn, has further shaped The Studio’s offering.

Brands have always communicated with consumers and it’s not as though communication is a new insight into marketing strategy. But the tone of the conversation has changed. As has the need for quality communications. Rebranding, relaunching and repositioning our clients through tailored brand identity has enabled a number of our clients to launch into leading UK stores and break international markets. It was instinctive that brand identity has grown as HYD Studio’s staple offering.


HYD Studio is a boutique collective redefining high-end beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. We evoke emotion to provoke desire. Want to discuss a project? Send our team an email at

We believe the future is full of honest communication and creating innovative products that will positively impact the consumer.

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