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Based in Zurich, Peter Nitz is a high-end, custom leather goods brand. Peter, the Founder, also operates an online leather school. These offerings were combined into one website and Peter wanted these presented separately; one website dedicated to his online school and, a second, promoting his bespoke leather goods.

The existing website wasn’t clear and customers were getting confused on entering his website which created a frustrating user journey and ultimately affected sales.

The challenge was to create two websites that were harmonious with each other, but individually strong enough to generate sales and continue to nurture the brand’s following.

Peter Nitz


The existing website was re-designed and re-developed to present the Peter Nitz leather school. Clients could visit the website for online and in-person sessions, as well as a user-friendly e-commerce store selling tools for the workshops, without becoming confused about the offering.

The online school required complex development including multiple members-only pages and a new back-end for the online-tutorial pages.

For Peter Nitz’s bespoke handbags, we built a separate e-commerce site. This attracted a different audience, one that wasn't interested in the craft itself, but instead interested in the beauty of the brand and the finished design.

A consistent brand across both websites was key. Whilst the offerings were different, the brand needed to be constant. Focusing on the UI, we designed new custom shapes and layouts that were introduced to both websites to create a cohesive flow between the two.

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Build two digital experiences harmonious with one another.




The websites have clear and defined separate offerings and relevant information to the visiting users, keeping them engaged and active on the sites for longer. The UX was rewired to ensure a smoother customer experience across the websites.

The launch of the bespoke handbags site and the relaunch of Peter Nitz Leather School were a success, with each website enjoying high visitor numbers and engagement, ultimately growing the Peter Nitz brand. Bookings at the leather school has sky-rocketed, with Peter opening up more in-person lessons.



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