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Founder of Real & Raw, Helen Derbyshire, a certified life coach and NLP practitioner, started the online platform to help women from all walks of life step into the people they're meant to be. Real & Raw is a safe place to be educated, motivated and inspired, offering life-coaching, corporate wellness packages, podcasts, as well as the lifestyle support blog "The 411".

Helen's mission was clear; to uncover all that is holding you back from discovering your ultimate self; he character we are all seeking to be is hiding somewhere in the pages of the next chapter - her clients can take that journey with her.

Our task was to reimagine Real & Raw, to unearth a new visual identity that was reflective of their multiple offerings and services, yet also personal to Helen and her one-to-one coaching.

Real & Raw


Real & Raw's brand language needed to showcase fine living whilst remaining attainable and approachable. We redefined the core brand pillars to family, romance, wellness, style and fine living, to anchor the voice and messaging of the brand.

The new identity symbolises affluence, esteem and style with Helen's meticulous attention to detail reflected in the highly refined visual identity. Real & Raw's custom-drawn logomark is a staple in the identity and has been implemented across all touchpoints. The mirroring of two connecting letters leaning on one another; subtly symbolises the inclusivity deeply rooted in the brand.

A sharpness is weaved amongst floating curves throughout the identity by using an unapologetic font, high contrast serif Glossy Display to capture the strength yet softness of the brand.


The Studio developed a fully-custom responsive digital lifestyle platform with pages rendered across all devices, never compromising the usability of the site and providing an effortless customer experience for users. Real & Raw’s coaching services, e-commerce store, podcast and blog section were also included in the development.

The use of typography throughout the digital platform showcases Real & Raw's strong personality, with bold Glossy Display juxtaposed against the easy-to-read HK Grotesk, allowing the client to have a relaxing experience. The studio also assisted with the direction of imagery with the aim to reflect the brand’s values to Real & Raw’s clients.

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Unearth and communicate a true identity for lifestyle and coaching platform Real & Raw's growing audience.




Female-led and female-focused, we created an informative and inspiring website showcasing a realistic and sustainable modern life. Real & Raw’s website successfully launched in October 2022 and is a “go-to” place not only for coaching, but also the “411” blog.



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