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Erik Hoekstra, Co-founder of Florea, came to us with a simple idea that needed to be both defined and refined. Founded in 2020 by Erik Hoekstra, Florea stems from a long family tradition of horticulture; his grandfather Georg’s flower business always resonated with Erik, he remembered how he helped him in the flower fields in the Netherlands and by selling cut flowers in Sweden.

Erik came to us with one mission; to be a source of inspiration for everyone who grows flowers, herbs and vegetables, and those who could be inspired to start. He wanted to represent farming flowers in a new modern light.

Our task was to develop a brand and visual identity in keeping with Erik’s heritage that would showcase the art of growing flowers, herbs and vegetables, to an international audience.



Florea’s brand language needed to embody cultivation, sustainability, inclusivity and a clear concern for the environment. We established core brand pillars to anchor the voice and messaging, and built keywords and phrases steeped in emotion, joy and education. This narrative flows through the brand and portrays the core ethos of inclusivity, a brand for all.


Erik also believed that gardening and market gardening lacked excitement and newness, with customers purchasing out of necessity, as opposed to really wanting to. The brand identity needed to shine a new exciting light on market gardening whilst remaining true to Erik's roots and the traditional family business.

We created Florea’s visual identity to be more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle movement. Traditional farming colours of green, with blues and lilacs, softened by a warming biscuit allowing the new branded photography to breathe.

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Represent farming in a new modern light.




Florea launched in 2021 and has since become a lifestyle brand that attracts visitors from across the world. Their social media presence has risen by 12,700 followers, drawn in by their cohesive presence and clear identity.



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