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Studio Grove is a London-based interior design agency. Stephen Newton, the Director, knew his target market and he knew his own skillset - he had a strong collection of projects - but without a brand voice, he also knew he could not continue to grow his business pipeline.

Studio Grove lacked a visual identity or consistent messaging, as well as any digital presence. A digital presence was a huge goal for Stephen; an online portfolio would mean unparalleled access to clients and press opportunities.

The Studio worked with Studio Grove to establish the foundations of the brand messaging, all the way through to the brand application online.

Studio Grove


We developed brand voice and messaging representative of Stephen's design style; minimalistic, considered and high-end. The messaging needed to land with Stephen’s audience, but also represent who he and Studio Grove were to build trust and set his studio apart. The mission and vision statements were built out of the messaging; keywords presented an expected, relevant message of honest and tailored design to the audience.

As an interior design studio for the high-end residential sector, the brand promoted confidence in style and luxury - reassuring customers that they were buying into an identity that understood style and luxury themselves. The branding is inviting, tranquil and personal, reverting back to the underlying theme of “home”.


The website offers high-end design but also a warm and personal touch, reminiscent of home for the visitor. A user-friendly interface and progressive typographies build a natural and subtle guide to Stephen's work. Stephen now has the opportunity to promote his own minimalistic, considered, high-end designs.

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Turn a concept into a brand.




Studio Grove has a clear understanding of their mission, as well as a custom logomark, colour palette, digital identity and visual identity that resonates with Studio Grove’s clientele.

Since working with Stephen, we have seen his team double in size as he continues to grow his portfolio of clients across sought after London postcodes, aided by his increased online presence.



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